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Hear what a few of our customers have to say about Sacred Herb here!

"I work at a dispensary in Bend and this is where I first came across your products. I tell every customer about them. I love them all! I use them all the time. If I had to choose one it would be the oil. I suffer from endometriosis. The oil is the only thing I've found to help with my pain relief. I use the oil with the pain stick and bath salts the most. I used to take pain medicine and this product has helped so much I no longer feel the need for the pain pills. I'm so grateful for your products! I have my whole family hooked, too. Thank you for such an amazing line of products!" - Nicole Mayer


"Sacred herb is the best topical in the stores right now. I love the fact that it doesn't have a strong cannabis smell. The pain stick is portable and can be applied much easier that a salve that comes in a container. My son is an athlete at 16 I put pain sticks in his gym bag. I saved my GodMom from knee replacement! Not to mention the Epson salts are amazing to soak in after I've had a seizure ... Thank you for such a great product." -Raina Elise

"My name is Seqouyah, like the trees! I am a big time consumer and supporter of sacred herb products. I have been using your products as a medical patient in Oregon for two years now. I suffer from Idiotonic Sezuires. Leaving my body extremely sore and making it hard to move some days. I have bathed in your bath salts religiously for pain relief as well as using all of your topicals. They have truly saved my pain. No other product I have tried has done this for me. Besides pharmaceuticals. Which, being a student of holistic medicine, I try to avoid anything unnatural. Which is why I love your product so much. I am used to gifting your product to family and friends....We support you so much in Oregon! I am a medical Budtender in Eugene and I love sharing your product with my patients. The power of the sacred herb is amazing! Thank you for creating such a wonderful inspiring product! Ill stand behind sacred herbs products til the end of time!! Have a beautiful day!"~Seqouyah Dmitri Jones

"I'd like to say thank you!!! Your product helps my hand and wrist pain so much! I use the Anti inflammatory pain stick! It's the best thing ever!! I've told friends and family! And they have bought and loved it as well! So thank you again! Keep making killer products! I'll keep telling everyone to use them!" - Clarisa Valencia


"Thus far the Anti-Inflammatory Pain Stick is all I've had the opportunity to try. And so far, I'm loving it! In 2003 I fell victim to gun violence and received a compress skull fracture and tramatic brain injury. I constantly have head pain or migraines throughout the day as a result of it. I traditionally smoke because topicals haven't been accessible to me for the longest of times. Mainly because I lived in a red state with phobias and laws against medicinal marijuana or marijuana in general, I know lame right?!? Moving to Oregon and coming across your product was been a game changer. When the pain begins to develop I apply a small amount of rub on my temples and within minutes the pain fades away. Much thanks for providing such an awesome product! Namaste" ✌️ - Thomas O.


"I've been using Sacred Herb products for a couple months now. My go-to has been the Anti-Inflammatory Lotion.
       For years now, I've been dealing with a scapula problem resulting in bad tension headaches. The Anti-Inflammatory Lotion is one of the very few things that has actually made a noticeable impact on my pain level when it's at it's worst. I've also used it here and there for aches and pains from running. Thank you for making it! It's been a game changer for me." - Andrew W.


     "My name is Amanda Day. I have been using your products for over two years now to battle chronic spinal, neck, shoulder and head pain. Every product, from the bath soak to the chapstick has been of the highest quality and effectiveness, but your THC Pain Stick has honestly improved my life. The immediate relief and lasting effects of the stick are amazing. I keep one on-my-person at all times and can happily say that I've avoided every pain-killer thrown my way by doctors.
     As a budtender and medical patient I recommend your products to all of my friends, customers and patients. I currently have four members of immediate family relying on your amazing lotions daily for everything from diabetic neuropathy to arthritis.
 Thank you for your amazing work and making a daily difference in our lives!" - Amanda Day


"Hey sacred herb! I use to work at a dispensary here on the Oregon coast and got to meet the two lovely ladies that would always come down to give us this wonderful product. I've been having really bad muscle spasms in my right shoulder for the last three weeks and I found the only thing that's been taking away the pain long enough for me to get some sleep Is if I use your wonderful CBD pain stick. I bought the big one and it's lasted me for almost 6 months and that's with constant use for my muscle spasms. I love my pain stick and you guys absolutely rock on getting the right ingredients to actually help me! I wanted to write you guys to tell you how much I love and appreciate your company!✌ Thank you guys again so much!" - Angel